Sunday, September 16, 2018

Photo Contests

I can usually be found wandering around shooting things or people in SL. Its one of the few things I feel confident in. I admire photographers in RL, but unfortunately lack the technical skills to ever take my design career in that direction. SL gives me the chance to live a dream of being a photographer. One of the best things Second Life offers us. I have entered 4 photo contests so far and super proud to say that I've won two and placed in the top 8 in another. My winning entries were The Pr!tty Hair Summer 2017 photo contest & The Redeux August 2018 photo contest. I was in the top 8 in The Little Branch photo contest. Photo contests are tricky, you want to showcase the item or items the best you can, while still maintaining your own style in your entries. I've been very lucky so far and am so honored to have been chosen.

One of my entries for the Redeux Photo Contest
My entry for The Little Branch Photo Contest