Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Why I'm Here

Most people over 18, under 65 recognize that my blog name is a take from a classic movie, Chasing Amy.  Its one of my very favorites.  Not that my blog will have anything to do with the movie or themes, but it suits what I will be doing here.  Emery is the name of my adorable, odd, quirky little avatar in the virtual world of Second Life.  If you don't know what that is, do yourself a favor, google it and sign up.  In this blog, I will be 'Chasing Emery'.  Following her around, watching her adventures, figuring out what makes her tick besides a decent ao and mesh.  Letting her shop, live her online dreams, spend time with her virtual family and friends and maybe learning a little bit about my rl self in the process.
This is my second actual ACTIVE account in Second Life. My first real one I considered a learning experience, dress rehearsal. A way to learn about this amazing little world, yet not be invested enough emotionally or financially to get too attached. Emery is unique and cute, always in thought or creating something. She has a small, close circle of friends that she can count on and figures things out from there. What I tell someone new to SL is to find your own path. Look around, try things, keep an open mind and chances are, it will work for you, but always, always keep priorities in RL first. People from all over the world log in every day instead of doing anything else in their real lives. Its a pretty incredible thing if you think about it. On my first account I did a ton of photography in SL. Weddings, profile pics, events, signs, logos, you name it, I shot it. So I have actually done SL photography since 2012. Blogging is where I want to head with it. It allows me to prance in things, shoot them and share those photos to you. Win, win, win.
In my real life, I'm a graphic designer. Its something I'm good at and educated in, but havevn't been with my current employer long enough to grab the super inspiring projects I crave. Way too excited when the boss throws me a brochure or poster, anything but business cards and file updates please lol. I admire rl photographers, their technical skills combined with artistry is something I know I can't ever achieve....but in SL I can be that photogirl, snapping special moments around me to keep them forever. Second Life, to me has something special, its a cross between "insert your favorite social media platform here" and your imagination. A world created by what everyone dreams of. A place of creativity, conflict, good, bad, naughty and nice. It's everything real and not. I like Emery, she was created with thought, purpose and heart. Exodusgirl is my account name, chosen because of the word Exodus, going out, marching out. Its a long, uninteresting story and not relevant. Emery is my display name, chosen because my SL Sister/RL Bff has Cancer and some of those responsible for continuing to heal her are at Emory Hospital in Atlanta....the LEAST I can do is name an avatar after them, they saved her. I just spell it wrong lol. I like Em much better than my first account, shes happier, more creative, uses her voice more and she's strong. Shes cute, but quirky & odd. Some days you may catch her wearing a half mask or fuzzy slippers just because she wants too. Usually music is playing somewhere while I am logged in, you can't have creativity without it and Em is creative. She has her own sense of style and loves to shop. Blogging was something that I've been interested in, following bloggers in both lives, looking up to them as someone would a professional athlete or celebrity. I'm glad to share little Emery's SL journey with you, I am just a beginner in blogging, but have been taking photos since I started my original account 6 years ago, this is just another way to be creative and maybe show you some great deals, freebies, new releases, events, designers or places in the meantime. Thank you for reading while I continue to chase Emery.